Appeals court to hear case of immigrants taking refuge in Detroit church

Congresswoman makes passionate plea for immigration reform

Case of immigrants living in Detroit church to be heard in court

DETROIT – Ded and Flora Rranxburgaj have lived at Central United Methodist Church for two years.

In that time Flora’s health has deteriorated due to a serious health condition. Ded is her primary caregiver and on Wednesday he could be forced to leave the country.

“If he were to leave she will probably die,” said Democratic Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell.

The congresswoman made a passionate plea for immigration reform while urging the US Court of Appeals to allow Ded to stay in America.

“They don’t have any other recourse. The courts need to have a heart and soul,” said Dingell.

The couple came to the US from Albania more than 20-years-ago seeking asylum. While their petition was denied they continued to check in with Immigration Customs and Enforcement.

When Flora was diagnosed with a health condition 12 years ago they were allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds. But under the Trump Administration Ded received an order of deportation. Desperate to stay together the family moved into this church.

He hasn’t left the church in years, but Ded walked out as far as he could and spoke to a crowd of supporters.

“I hope the judge and nice people let my family stay together, thank you to all the people supporting me,” he said.

Many are praying this father will be allowed to stay in the country and continue caring for his sick wife.

Ded and Flora have two children. One is a DACA recipient. The other was born in the US. The courts will decide his fate on Wednesday.

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