Men sue City of Detroit over dismissed drug charges

One man spent eight years behind bars for crime he didn't commit

Two men are suing the city of Detroit over dismissed drug charges.

DETROIT – Two drug cases were dismissed over findings that police lied to get warrants. Now the men who have been set free are fighting back.

Those men were facing prison sentences of 20 and 30 years, respectively. They are taking the City of Detroit and its police department to court.

Darell Chancellor was only 29 when he was nailed with a prison sentence of up to 30 years for cocaine possession.

He’s been sitting in a cell now for 8 years. Then the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office found that the Detroit police officer on his case lied to get a search warrant sending an innocent man to prison.

“That is why the prosecutor’s office filed a motion to dismiss these charges. Eight years, eight years sitting in a prison for something he didn’t do,” said Attorney Ven Johnson.

Chanellor is out of prison and he is fighting back suing the city, police, and the officer, Stephen Geelhood.

But that’s not all. Darrell Richmond, 53, is out of prison and also suing after an investigation found Detroit police officer Michael Mosley lied to get a search warrant for a drug bust and Richmond was the focus. Richmond was looking at 20 years behind bars.

“The affidavit in both cases were crooked and lies,” said Johnson.

This is a result of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy naming police officers who cannot testify in court, because they have been caught lying.


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