Hundreds gather in Dearborn to honor lives lost in explosion in Beirut

Vigil held at Dearborn Police Department

DEARBORN, Mich. – On Friday night, people in Dearborn came together to remember the lives lost in the explosion in Beirut.

People attending the vigil wore the Lebanese flag and shared their pain. One man who spoke had lost several friends in the explosion.

‘Hiroshima of the Middle East’: 70 killed in Beirut, thousands injured in massive explosion

Khaled Traboulsi was a fireman in Beirut. Ten members of his former team responded to the original fire, they did not survive the explosion.

Traboulsi and hundreds more people in Dearborn supported each other in their grief. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell told the crowd that the first plane with American aid has already landed in Lebanon.

A Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy was also out showing his support. He’s leading the charge of several local businesses to raise money to Beirut and give it to the families of first responders who were killed in the explosion.

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