Plymouth-Canton students make video diaries chronicling their lives during COVID-19 lockdown

Students at Pioneer Middle School tackle unique assignment

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – Students at Pioneer Middle School in the Plymouth-Canton district are making video diaries to chronicle their lives during the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

The unique assignment is giving students a time capsule to look back on one day, as well as helping them deal with the stress and anxiety of the pandemic.

This is an historic time on many levels, and decades from now, many children will ask their parents what the pandemic was like. Some seventh-graders from Pioneer Middle School will have everything well-documented.

The project is called “COVID Diaries.” Young filmmakers can chose the content and style as they tell their stories of 2020.

Jada Jones said the theme strikes home with many people.

Tara Creekmore channeled Tom Hanks in “Castaway,” expressing the loneliness of the summer of 2020. She’s a volleyball player and misses her sport and friends.

When they’re finished, these films will be included in Michigan State University’s COVID-19 archive project.

Jason Kaye, the teacher who assigned the project, said he hopes to inspire other students around the state, and possibly around the world, to tell their own stories.

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