Dozens tear-gassed, arrested on Woodward Avenue amid Downtown Detroit protest

Operation Legend in Detroit focused on gun violence

Forty-two protesters were arrested, some tear-gassed after blocking Woodward Avenue against Operation Legend. For more infromation:

DETROIT – More than 40 protesters were taken into custody Saturday night as they blocked off Woodward Avenue between John R. Street and Grand River Avenue.

About 100 people gathered on Woodward Avenue in a protest against “Operation Legend” -- an initiative established to address increasing gun and gang violence in cities across the U.S., including in Detroit.

The group Detroit Will Breathe has expressed their opposition to the initiative, which brings additional federal agents to Detroit and other participating U.S. cities.

Saturday night’s protest in Downtown Detroit went smoothly, for the most part, until about midnight.

Local 4 was on the scene as police armed with riot gear warned the crowd several times to leave. Police then moved through the crowd, pushing people through construction signs that were placed there by protesters.

Footage captured by Local 4 shows police spraying the crowd with what appears to be pepper spray. Police then arrested the leader of Detroit Will Breathe, Tristan Taylor, along with 41 other protesters.

The crowd started moving toward Griswold Street, heading to Washington Boulevard, where police again commanded the crowd to leave.

About five to 10 minutes later, police released another round of tear gas on the demonstrators.

A Detroit Police Department spokesperson said half of the people arrested were not from the city of Detroit.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is expected to discuss the protest in a news briefing on Monday afternoon.

Operation Legend in Detroit

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