Protesters push back against Federal presence in Detroit

‘Operation Legend’ sparks protests

DETROIT – Activist group “Detroit Will Breathe” is protesting against more Federal Agents coming to Detroit.

They protested Saturday outside the Rosa Parks Federal Building on Jefferson Avenue.

Their main message is federal agents are not wanted and not welcomed in Detroit. All of this happened because of ‘Operation Legend.’ United States officials said more federal agents are coming to Detroit in the next couple of weeks to help ease the recent violence in Detroit, and agents are here to assist with the gun violence.

Officials said Detroit homicides have increased by 31% and shootings are up by 53% since 2019. Police Chief James Craig spoke about this partnership on the national stage.

“We’re excited about our continued relationship with our fellow law enforcement partners. What’s disturbing is the fact that at this is not new. In December of last year, I stood with Attorney General Barr, stood with the heads of all the DOJ’s Operations, FBI, DEA, and we stood there as partners. And we’re still partners, nothing has change,” said Chief James Craig.

“That’s what they say. Supposedly that’s what they were supposed to be doing since December of last year with Operation Relentless Pursuit, but that clearly didn’t go so well, seeing that we have an increase in crime,” said Tristian Taylor with Detroit Will Breathe.

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