Family, friends mourn death of 17-year-old Roseville mother allegedly shot at the hands of her boyfriend

‘She had things to do. This guy took all that,’ says grandfather

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Heartbreaking story when it comes to the death of 17-year-old Kira Seymour.

Those who knew her gathered to keep her memory alive Sunday.

A huge number of family members, loved ones and classmates came out in droves, packed Veterans Memorial Park to honor the young woman.

“She just became a mother -- six weeks and she was enjoying every minute of motherhood and this was taken from her so drastically," said Kira’s grandfather, Peter Seymour Sr. “She had a lot to do in this life. She was looking forward to college. She had things to do. This guy took all that. He took everything from her.”

The Roseville High school student was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend, 17-year-old RayQuan Taylor, who also attends Roseville High School. It’s a shooting her grandfather Peter is still questioning today.

"How can a guy that’s just turning 18 have two firearms unregistered in his house and whoever he resides with don’t know anything about it? " asked Peter.

While the details of the shooting are unclear, police said that Kira was visiting RayQuan when the fatal shot was fired, striking her in the chest.

“She shouldn’t be laying in the grave right now. She should be taking care of her little daughter that’s only 6-weeks-old,” Peter added.

RayQyan is now facing several charges behind the incidents including manslaughter, two counts of felony firearm and death by weapon aimed with intent without malice. But Peter says it’s not enough

“He should face the harshest charges possible. I’d like to see murder charges instead of these sugar coded charges they’re coming up with now. We’ll be at every court hearing for this individual. I feel he should be there and stay there,” concluded Peter.

To make matters worse, it’s believed Kira’s 6-week-old daughter was nearby when the shooting to place. So what a tragedy this is knowing that little girl has to now grow up without her mother.

Seymour’s mother has started a GoFundMe for the family. You can donate here.

Kira Seymour and her daughter Laylah.
Kira Seymour and her daughter Laylah. (WDIV)