A closer look at alleged ‘training ground’ in Jackson County in Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot

Neighbor say they heard gunshots in recent months

A closer look at militia training camp in Jackson County in Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot

MUNITH, Mich. – FBI agents raided a home in Jackson County early Thursday in connection with the kidnapping plot against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The men living there were identified as 42-year-old Pete Musico and his son-in-law, 26-year-old Joseph Morrison. Both men were arrested.

Neighbor Pam Karschnock and many others had been fed up with all the shooting at the home in recent months. But Karschnock and others came to learn Thursday that there was more than guys just firing automatic weapons.

Karschnock lives next door to the home on Dunn Road in Munith that was raided.

“I’m still shaking knowing that it was that close to me, and just thinking back the time I almost approached them to ask them to stop,” she said.

Musico has posted several videos on YouTube, sharing his disgust with the government at all levels.

In addition to the shooting, neighbors said they had seen several men in militia fatigues at the home on Dunn Road, as well as hearing more than gunshots.

“Yesterday (Wednesday), my husband heard a boom. Apparently that was an IED being tested. It shook our windows and it kind of scared us,” Karschnock said.

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