DDOT bus driver injured in multi-vehicle crash near Dequindre, East Outer Drive

Bus crashed into dealership; another driver caused the crash, police say

DDOT bus driver injured in multi-vehicle crash on Detroit's east side

DETROIT – A Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) bus driver is in the hospital after a violent crash on Detroit’s east side that involved multiple vehicles.

It happened at the intersection of Dequindre Street and East Outer Drive. That bus crashed into King Auto Sales, knocking down power lines.

“I had one of my employees call me. He said, ‘A big bus ran into your shop,'” said Farid Hirmiz with King Auto Sales.

Hirmiz recalled the phone call he got Friday night,that forced him to drop everything immediately.

“'It hit the first one and went all the way to your shop.' I came directly to see what’s going on here," Hirmiz said.

Police said a 23-year-old driver of a Purple Magnum caused the multi-car crash involving a DDOT bus at the intersection.

“It appears that a speeding vehicle broad sided the bus. The bus hit some poles and the bus driver was ejected from the vehicle. My understanding is that he is OK, but I don’t know his exact condition. The vehicle that hit him, the person has been arrested. But he’s also injured at the hospital. He’s in custody and there’s been some evidence taken from that situation,” said Capt. John Serda with Detroit police.

For hours on Friday, police blocked off the intersection. Tow trucks carried the cars and bus away, while DTE crews worked on power lines that were knocked over the from the accident.

The bus driver is recovering at the hospital.

The driver or the suspect has non-life threatening injuries. He could possibly face fleeing and alluding charges.