Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon hospitalized with COVID

Benny Napoleon alert and recovering, daughter says

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon has been hospitalized with a COVID-19 infection.

DETROIT – Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon is in the hospital recovering from COVID-19 complications.

His daughter said he went to the hospital on Friday because his Oxygen levels were low.

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“Things have been going relatively well,” said Tiffani C. Jackson.

That’s good news from Tiffani Jackson, the daughter of Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon. This week has been up and down for the sheriff. He tested positive for coronavirus,

“His symptoms really developed early this week, somewhere around Tuesday or so,” Jackson recalled.

Jackson said at first her father was having mild symptoms, but towards the end of the week, things got worse.

“Yesterday, his symptoms started to progress a little bit,” Jackson said. “He was having low oxygen levels. So his doctor started monitoring those levels because we know that COVID attack those respiratory symptoms.”

Friday, he went to the hospital. Now, Sheriff Napoleon is trying to find out when and where he caught the virus.

“He’s creating a timeline because he’s been very, very cautious,” Jackson said. “He’s one of the most cautious people that I know when it comes to staying safe. He’s wearing gloves and masks.”

Michigan numbers continue to rise, which is why the Michigan Health Department issued a new emergency order for the next three weeks. Jackson said this virus is serious.

“Have sympathy and empathy for other people because it’s so much bigger than just your rights and your life,” Jackon said. “I just want people to step back and really take heed, to those precautions, because they’re really there to help us.”

Jackson also said there have been rumors that the Sheriff is on a ventilator. Jackson said that’s not true.

Anyone who believes they might have coronavirus should follow the CDC guidelines. Michigan.gov has a list of resources available to those concerned about COVID-19.

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