Futuristic ‘Fitness Court’ opens along Beck Road in Canton

New structure is in middle of empty lot

Fitness Court opens along Beck Road in Canton

CANTON, Mich. – If you are driving along Beck Road in Canton, you might notice an unusual new structure in the middle of an empty lot.

The outdoor structure is called a “Fitness Court” and is there for anyone to give it a try.

These identical courts are popping up around the U.S. in an effort to provide communities with free access to fitness equipment.

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How to choose a mask for your new-normal workout routine

If you want to get back to the gym this fall, you’re going to have to add a few masks to your usual workout gear.

Fitness and nutrition expert Jody Trierweiler had a few tips for what to keep in mind when bringing a mask to the gym.

Her number one tip is to avoid masks that draw in moisture, since moisture breeds bacteria. Instead, Trierweiler says to find masks that are breathable, lightweight, and that are made using moisture wicking fabrics.

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