Former Hazel Park officer accused of embezzling forfeiture funds

Sean Boucher, 45, charged with 7 counts of embezzlement, conducting criminal enterprise

Former Hazel Park detective charged with embezzling forfeiture funds

HAZEL PARK, Mich. – Former Hazel Park detective Sean Boucher sat before an Oakland County judge Thursday while being formally charged for embezzlement during his time on the force.

Boucher, 45, of Warren, is accused of stealing from the city of Hazel Park while working as a public officer. On Thursday, Feb. 18, he was arraigned on seven charges, including conducting a criminal enterprise, embezzlement between $50,000 and $100,000 and five smaller counts of embezzlement by a public official for more than $50.

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Boucher was formerly assigned to the Hazel Park Police Department Detective Bureau. The investigation into the 18-year veteran officer began years ago. Boucher had been under the investigation of the FBI for a while and their findings suggest that there was a clear breach of public trust. He resigned prior to an administrative investigation hearing in 2017.

Now, the former officer is being formally accused to taking money from several resources in the department, including the officer training fund.

“Sir, the multiple allegations are a breach of the public trust,” said the judge handling the arraignment at the 43rd District Court Thursday.

Boucher was largely silent in the courtroom during his arraignment. The judge said that the court would convert Boucher’s silence into a not guilty plea.

However, Boucher’s attorney wasted no time making a case for why he should be released on bond.

“Mr. Boucher has been a member of this community in the immediate area for most his life and most of his career,” Boucher’s attorney said. “Mr. Boucher has been present and available and have been working with agents in this case since the outs of the case three years ago. We haven’t gone anywhere. We haven’t had any trouble.”

And while Boucher may have been cooperative, the prosecution wasn’t pulling any punches.

“He was a detective in the city of Hazel Park,” the prosecutor said. “He was in a position of trust. These are serious charges, facing probable imprisonment. They were committed while the defendant was a public officer.”

Boucher was ultimately given a $50,000 personal bond -- but he must also hand over his passport and he is not allowed to leave the state of Michigan.

The former detective is expected to virtually appear in court for a probable cause hearing in the near future. A specific court date has not yet been announced.

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