Metro Detroit residents scheduled for Johnson & Johnson vaccine react to sudden pause

Pause on vaccine comes as COVID-19 cases continue surging in Michigan

DETROIT – In Detroit the Neighborhood Vaccination Program was designed around the one shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“I’m shocked because we have been waiting since eight O’Clock and they said that and we’re just now seeing these reports saying that they were going to pause the Johnson & Johnson shots,” said Metro Detroit resident Torrie Hobbs.

Hobbs was frustrated and annoyed when she arrived with her daughter to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine shot.

“My daughter is here from college and that was the reason for me getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, because it’s one shot,” said Hobbs.

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That is the main reason they signed up for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. On Tuesday, she found out that the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended a temporary pause while they investigate the shot more.

This is because six cases have been discovered in the United States of a rare and severe type of blood clot forming in people after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Meanwhile, those scheduled for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Philip Randolph Career Tech Center on Detroit’s west side had the option of getting another vaccine.

Although it’s an inconvenience some say they rather be safe than sorry.

“I think it is a good change for some people because the vaccine, I guess could just hurt some people because, of what’s in it, just like the chemicals and everything,” said Metro Detroit resident Drake Clark.

“I mean this is just, just as fine. I just want to be safe, you know what I mean,” said Keith Byers.

Audrey Odom, another Metro Detroit resident said she really didn’t want the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but chose to go that route since there is only one dose associated with it.

Odom said for weeks she’s been going back and forth about getting a vaccine, but finally made up her mind, when COVID-19 hit her family.

“I have a granddaughter who just recently got it about two weeks ago. So I said well, I thought it was kind of dying down,” she said.

Just recently she decided to go with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“When they finally answered the phone, they said oh yeah, we’re doing Johnson & Johnson and you can come get it tomorrow,” said Odom.

But on Tuesday, she found out that the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the temporary pause.

“Apparently, they had problems with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and so since I was here, I just went on with the Moderna because I realized it’s just not for myself but for others too,” said Odom.

The pause forced several cities in our area like Warren to react.

“I’m sorry that this happened, but I agree that we had better suspend distribution and towards another vaccine that appears to be 100 percent safe,” said Mayor Jim Fouts.

The City of Livonia which planned on administering the vaccine soon to residents issued a statement in response to the pause.

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“Due to the current CDC pause in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine administration, there are some updates to upcoming Vaccinate Livonia appointments. Appointments previously scheduled for Wednesday, April 14, will be continuing as scheduled, with the Pfizer vaccine being administered by Livonia Fire & Rescue. Second-dose appointments are automatically scheduled for the same time three weeks after an individual’s first-dose appointment. Those with first-dose appointments on April 14 will return to the Livonia Senior Center for their second-dose appointment on May 5. Vaccinate Livonia appointments scheduled for Friday, April 16, are canceled due to supply shortages created in our region by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause. Those with appointments for this day will be contacted by e-mail with information about vaccination and scheduling opportunities.”

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