Metro Detroit porch pirate strikes again, stealing packages with U-Haul ahead of Mother’s Day

Police arrested woman previously for stealing packages while driving Range Rover

Woman seen stealing packages ahead of Mother's Day

DETROIT – Kaitlyn Pangrazzi says one minute she was waiting for a package that arrived just in time for Mother’s Day and then it got stolen.

“She had probably went around the neighborhood looking for who had packages on their front lawn and came back and got us,” said Pangrazzi.

But the woman seen in bright pink taking off in a U-Haul is reminiscent of last year when a person with the same type of truck did this to Metro Detroit residents for weeks. Less than a day after Pangrazzi’s incident, the same thing happened at a home about 15 minutes away.

“There’s a couple clues there that make it seem like it’s probably the same person, just body shape, the way she was running, her hair type. She’s got a scheme going. She’s definitely got it figured out of how to make it happen,” Pangrazzi added.

Pangrazzi just hates that this happened on the holiday of all days.

“It was really unfortunate with it being Mother’s Day. It happened to be a gift for a mother. It’s just too bad,” she said.

Her credit card company was able to reimburse the money spent on the package.

Police did arrest a woman for stealing packages while driving around in a Range Rover back in December of 2020. Investigators can’t confirm if this is the same woman.

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