Dearborn Heights residents among those hard-hit in another bout of extreme weather

Neighborhood hit with flooding just weeks after last flood hit area

Dearborn Heights residents among those hard-hit in another bout of extreme weather

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – Overnight storms caused parts of Metro Detroit to flood Thursday morning, leaving hundreds of thousands of Michiganders without power.

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Residents in Dearborn Heights are frustrated after the latest bout of flooding, less than a month after the last time the area flooded.

Trash was piled on the curb of Currier Street, mostly furniture thrown out due to the multiple floods over summer.

Residents used an inflatable boat to travel through the neighborhood, located near the intersection of Hanover Street and Telegraph Road.

One resident -- who goes by Junior -- said he spends time in the neighborhood to help friends and family members bail out their house.

“Yeah. It ruined like everything,” Junior said. “Like every other month it gets ruined. The basements flood.”

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Another problem is the drivers who seem unaware how deep the water and attempt to drive through, resulting in stalled vehicles that litter the street and waves that splash the homes.

“They drive through it and it sends it right down my basement wall, right down my door,” said Ollie Cox. “It fills my basement full of stinky sewer water.”

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