Businesses along Southfield Freeway try to pick up the pieces after more flooding on Friday

Businesses asking city to look into infrastructure in the area.

Businesses along Southfield Freeway flooded

DETROIT – It happened yet again -- heavy downpours flooded many of the same areas that have already been devastated by flooding multiple times this summer.

For hours, water swallowed Warren Avenue Friday night. There was flooding on the street and around several businesses in the area.

It left people stranded.

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“Oh, I couldn’t even get in. We couldn’t even get in. We had at least 10 feet of water on the corner,” said Hassne Oseili with Quality One Construction.

Oseili said the water from outside quickly got inside and destroyed everything. It is not the first time his business was covered with water.

“This is the third time we had a flood,” he said.

It’s the same situation across the street for Skylan Yaldo and his party store.

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“Rainstorm started coming down slowly, but surely. We got flooded in the driveway, slowly escalated into the store. About a half hour later, we had about 4 feet of water into the store,” Yaldo said. “We couldn’t leave the store. We were trapped inside the store, the water pressure was too high outside to even get out.”

Most of the water is now gone, and businesses owners have to pick up the pieces.

Businesses in that area said the damage will cost thousands of dollars. Owners are asking the city to look into the infrastructure in the area.

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