Teen carrying loaded handgun at Taylor High School charged as juvenile

15-year-old boy charged after police find loaded handgun in fanny pack on school grounds

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TAYLOR, Mich. – A student has been formally charged after police found a handgun on him at a Taylor school Wednesday following an alleged altercation with a school security guard.

A 15-year-old boy was charged Thursday in Wayne County after police discovered a semi-automatic handgun in his fanny pack at Taylor High School. Authorities say the student threatened to shoot a security guard after he was told to return to class.

“He was walking the halls aimlessly and was approached by school security,” Detective Alex Stellini said of the incident Wednesday. “He starts becoming belligerent with them, using some foul language and he mentions he’s going to shoot the security guard while making a shooting motion with his hand.”

Officials say the student was initially sent to the principal’s office, where he made more threats and declined a search of his bag.

Taylor police were called over and arrived at the scene just as the student left the building and was entering his mother’s vehicle. Police reportedly asked the mother and son to exit the vehicle, and then conducted a search of the student’s fanny pack.

Inside the bag, police found a loaded handgun with the serial number scratched off. Body camera footage released Wednesday shows the student’s mother surprised and furious by the discovery.

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The student was taken into police custody without incident on Wednesday. He was charged Thursday as a juvenile with one count of carrying a concealed weapon, one count of intentionally threatening to commit an act of violence against school employees or a school and one count of possessing a weapon at a school.

The teen is expected to appear in court at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday for a preliminary hearing. He is currently being held at a juvenile detention center in Detroit.

Police body cameras captured the moment officers found a loaded pistol in a 15-year-old Taylor High School student’s fanny pack.

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