Detroit Lions fans stunned yet again by heartbreaking loss to Baltimore Ravens

Fans react to Lions finding another way to lose in Historic Field goal

Fans weigh in on recent loss by Detroit Lions
Fans weigh in on recent loss by Detroit Lions

DETROIT – Detroit Lions fans are still trying to swallow the bitter pill of defeat after a surprising loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Somehow, some way the Lions found another way to lose their latest game, even with only three seconds left on the clock.

“I thought they looked good, most of the game and then they just found a new way to lose like they do every week it seems,” said fan, Nick Koldsar.

Another fan of the team, Bill Joyner, said, “It took your heart away. But, we felt we had a chance.”

NFL fan, Al Harper, added, “They got a new coach, new uniforms, same old stuff. Can’t win to save their lives.”

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But is it even a surprise anymore that one of the worst teams in the NFL continues to be a major let down for Detroiters who despite all, still support their home team.

There’s the one time that the Lions lost with a Hail Mary by 61 yards to the Green Bay Packers.

In another horrible loss the Lions felt defeat thanks to 61-yard field goal on behalf of the Raven.

Now the longest field goal in NFL history, 66 yards kicked again by Raven’s player, Justin Tucker.

“It’s rough being a fan man. Anything that can be done to beat us, it’s been done,” said Lions fan, Todd Molesworth.

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Other ways the lions have lost include a challenge flag thrown on a touchdown, an illegal bat, and a picked up pass interference flag. In a press conference Monday, coaches and players vowed to do better. Yet, many loyal fans in the Lions den are hoping there’s a quick change in sight.

Hopefully the Lions can flip the script against the Chicago Bears this upcoming Sunday.

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