Metro Detroit family pleads for return of irreplaceable photos inside stolen backpack

Hard drive contained photos of family over the years

A Rochester Hills family had its car broken into while attending church downtown. One of the items taken cannot be replaced, and now the family is pleading for its return.

DETROIT – A family from Rochester Hills had their car broken into on Sunday while attending church downtown.

One of the items taken is likely of no value to thieves, but can’t be replaced, and now the family is pleading for its return.

After having trouble finding a parking spot near their church the Kasak family drove a few blocks down to find street parking on what was a busy Sunday in downtown Detroit.

When they got back to their car the family realized something extremely valuable to them was lost.

“When we came out of church somebody had smashed her window, he grabbed several bags in the car,” said Ryan Kasak whose car got broken into.

Bags containing wallets, credit cards and proof of identification. Everything replaceable. When Kasak remembered his hard drive had been in one of the stolen bags he was devastated

“So all of our family pictures for the past several years. Basically all my children’s pictures, baptisms communions, birthdays, all on there,” he said.

The pictures aren’t saved anywhere else.

“Our daughter yesterday when we got home she presented me with a handful of about a dozen hand drawn pictures to try to replicate movies if she knew that we had. It was heartbreaking,” said Kasak.

Even more heartbreaking is the loss of the pictures of Kasak’s twin sons as their entire journey in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit after being born at 26 weeks was documented on that hard drive.

“When they’re 17-years-old or 20-years-old and they tell us that they can’t do something or something is too hard or that life is presenting them with some kind of a challenge that they can’t overcome, we wanted to be able to present this to them in a way of saying, look at what you’ve already overcome,” said Kasak.

He is asking anyone who comes across a green backpack to reach out to him. He promises to reward anyone who helps get his hard drive back.

How to help

If you spot the backpack posted below email

A photo of the Metro Detroit father's missing backpack. (Ryan Kasak)

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