DTE, other utilities across US make commitment to build electric vehicle charging stations

More than 50 power companies join forces

You might see more EV charging stations.

DETROITPresident Joe Biden is leading by example when it comes to a clean energy transformation in the United States.

Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday that committed the federal government to cutting its own emissions 65% by 2030 and completely zeroing it out by 2050.

The federal government is also directed to purchase only zero-emissions vehicles such as electric vehicles by 2027. By 2035 all government vehicles should be zero-emissions.

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A big commitment was announced on Wednesday by utility companies -- they’re promising to get more electric vehicle charging stations built.

Ben Burns is the Director of Electric Marketing with DTE.

“This is a new announcement on a national level, but DTE has actually been a part of two previous coalitions and agreements,” Burns said.

More than 50 power companies in the United States have joined forces to build a coast-to-coast, fast charging network for electric vehicles along major major travel corridors by the end of 2023.

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“Basically what the agreement is that the utilities across the nation now are agreeing to ensure there are charging infrastructure across their service territory. So either drivers or local drivers who are moving across the country are able to charge up those vehicles -- and to make sure that they won’t have to deal with what we call ‘range anxiety,’” Burns said.

That’s the concern that an electric vehicle might not be able to recharge that vehicle during trips. This partnership means more charging stations.

“There will be more in the Southeast Michigan Metro area. In DTE we touch 13 counties in Southeast Michigan. Reaching down near the Ohio border up to the tip of the thumb,” Burns said.

And more to come.

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