‘This behavior is unacceptable’: Former Detroit police sergeant accused of embezzling $30K from prisoner ATM cards

Sergeant retired in October

A Detroit police sergeant is facing charges of embezzlement.

DETROIT – A former Detroit police sergeant is accused of embezzling around $30,000 at the Detroit Detention Center.

Former Sgt. Derek Loranger has been charged with one count of embezzlement, one count of using a computer to commit a crime, one count of misconduct in office and 10 counts of possession of stolen financial transaction device. He was arraigned Friday morning and pleaded not guilty.

Read: Former Detroit police Sgt. accused of embezzling $30K from prisoner ATM cards

Loranger worked at the Detroit Detention Center. When someone is arrested and brought in, any cash they have is put into an ATM. Detroit police Chief James White said when a prisoner puts their money into the ATM, they get a debit card back. When they are released from custody they get whatever funds they submitted and from the debit card.

Loranger is accused of stealing 10 of the ATM cards and loading money on them. He is accused of embezzling more than $30,000.

“No one deserves their money to be taken, no one, and certainly no one deserves that at the hands of someone in this agency,” White said.

Loranger is accused of transferring the money to multiple online gambling accounts. Participation in a program like Gamblers’ Anonymous is not required, but it was recommended by the judge.

“There is simply no excuse for this alleged behavior. The evidence will show that this defendant was placed in a position of trust at the Detroit Detention Center -- a place where people completely rely on others for their care,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said.

Loranger retired from the police department in October, as the investigation was just getting underway.

“Certainly had he not retired when he did, he’d be facing very serious charges from the department,” White said.

White said the investigation started after discrepancies were found in an audit.

“This behavior is unacceptable,” White said.

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