Body cam footage shows Michigan Rep. Mary Cavanagh’s drunk driving arrest

State rep. apologizes for February arrest on social media

Livonia Police say Michigan Rep. Mary Cavanagh was swerving on I-96 with two flat tires back in February. Now, we’re getting insight into the questions she was asked and how she behaved when they pulled her over.

LIVONIA, Mich. – Police have shared body cam footage of the arrest of Michigan state Representative Mary Cavanagh, who is accused of drunk driving back in February.

Livonia police say that on Feb. 25, Rep. Cavanagh was swerving on I-96 with two flat tires on the driver’s side of the vehicle. An officer followed Cavanagh from Merriman Road to Schoolcraft Road, then to the freeway, where she reportedly began swerving between the right and center lanes.

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Now, Local 4 is getting a new look inside of the arrest that night, thanks to police footage.

Body camera video shows the state representative being stopped by police, taking sobriety tests and ultimately getting arrested.

You can see footage from the arrest in the video player above.

During the traffic stop, the representative took a breathalyzer test and reportedly blew a 0.17 -- the legal limit if 0.08. Then, later, a blood test revealed that Cavanagh’s blood alcohol level was 0.20.

If convicted, this would be Cavanagh’s second OWI offense.

On Instagram Thursday morning, Cavanagh released a statement asking for forgiveness and guaranteeing that she is fit for her role as a state representative.

“Dear Neighbor,

“I am writing you to ask for forgiveness, give a little clarity as to what is happening, and assurances that I will continue to serve you with the highest of integrity. All of this comes with a deep apology for my arrest and creating a distraction to my community and my colleagues, as we continue the hard and tireless work of service to the people.

“As I work with my attorneys to bring closure to the legal and court aspects of this matter, know that within time, I will address and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how I got here and where I intend to go with all of this. Clearly, there is so much to say about this incident, but that will come at a later time. I ask for your patience through these court proceedings.

“What I can offer you is the very real truth that addiction is a hard road to travel. It is a road that may get easier with education, counseling and treatment, all of those which I am fully engaged, but it is a road that requires discipline and determination and, most of all, my faith.

“I am here to serve you. I will never forget that. In my service to you, I am accountable to you. I assure you, if you grant me a little grace, I will use all the energy and fiber of my being to regain your trust and show you that I am fit to serve the community and the people that have shown me love and those whose hearts I want to capture. Bowed, but not broken.

“Your servant, your state rep. Mary.”

Mary Cavanagh on Instagram

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