Videos: Police share crash, body cam footage after man shot, killed by Roseville officer

Man shot several times after crashing into semi truck, wielding knife

Authorities shared new footage on Wednesday of a man being shot and killed by Roseville police after a traffic crash on Tuesday turned violent. Read:

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Authorities shared new footage on Wednesday of a man being shot and killed by Roseville police after a traffic crash on Tuesday turned violent.

UPDATE: No charges filed against Roseville police officer in fatal shooting of knife-wielding man

On April 26, two Roseville police officers responded to a vehicle crash on Groesbeck Highway between 12 Mile and Martin roads. A Roseville man, identified as Frank Robles, 57, was traveling southbound on Groesbeck Highway in a Chevy Silverado when he crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed nearly head-on with a semi truck.

Police situation shuts down Groesbeck Highway in Roseville on April 26, 2022

Witnesses reported to police that when they approached Robles to check on him following the crash, the man produced a knife and had cuts on his wrists. When police arrived at the scene and approached Robles, he was armed with a knife, officials said.

The two Roseville police officers at the scene -- a man and a woman -- repeatedly commanded Robles to drop the knife, but he did not. Officials say the male police officer began retreating away from Robles, but Robles continued walking toward him.

The male police officer then fired several shots at Robles, who then fell to the ground. Officials say that when the 57-year-old man attempted to get back up, still holding the knife, the same officer fired several more shots at Robles.

Officials say nine shots were fired in total by the male police officer only.

Robles was reportedly struck by bullets several times, and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Below is a photo of the knife Robles held during the incident, authorities said Wednesday.

A knife held by a man who was shot and killed by Roseville police on April 26, 2022, following a traffic crash. Photo shared by the Macomb County Sheriff's Office. (Macomb County Sheriff's Office)

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During a news briefing on Wednesday, the Roseville Police Department and the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office presented various surveillance footage and police body cam footage of the car crash, the officers’ response and the shooting.

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham insisted during the conference that specific details regarding what happened will not be shared until the incident is investigated further. However, authorities wanted to present the footage they have to the public in an effort to be transparent.

Some of the footage that was shared Wednesday was graphic, particularly of the actual shooting.

Below you will find surveillance footage of the crash and the scene, as well as individual body cam footage from both of the Roseville police officers who responded to the scene. All videos have been cut to exclude the actual shooting.

Surveillance footage

Surveillance video: Car crash in Roseville ends in police shooting

Female officer’s body cam feed

Female Roseville police officer's body cam footage amid officer shooting

Male officer’s body cam feed

Male police officer body cam footage Roseville shooting

Both of the police officers who responded to the scene are on paid leave amid the investigation. The names of the officers are not being released at this time.

Other police officers responded to the incident after the shooting occurred, and have not been placed on leave, officials said.

Roseville police Chief Ryan Monroe said that all officers assigned to road patrol are equipped with tasers. Authorities did not say whether or not the officer should have used a taser instead of a gun on Robles, but Monroe did say that a knife is considered a “deadly force situation,” and officers are trained to pull their firearms instead of their tasers in such situations.

The incident is being investigated by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Wickersham said Wednesday that he will not be rushing the investigation to ensure that it is thorough. He expects additional information to become available in the coming weeks.

Chief Monroe said that Robles had a run-in with police several years ago at his Roseville home in connection with a domestic violence case. The man was said to have fought with police during that incident, and an arrest was made. No other details were provided.

Authorities do not believe that alcohol was a factor in the April 26 incident.

You can watch most of the news briefing in the video player below. It has been clipped to exclude the footage shown during the conference, as some of it was graphic.

Law enforcement leaders held a news briefing Wednesday to provide an update on the fatal shooting of a man in Roseville after he had gotten in a car crash, and then armed himself with a knife. The entire briefing has not been posted, as sensitive footage of the shooting was shared during the briefing. Some of that footage will be available for viewing at The briefing above follows just after the sensitive footage is shown.

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