Dry weather conditions spark fears over fireworks in Metro Detroit

Hard cutoff for lightning fireworks is 11 p.m., officials say

Dry weather conditions have sparked fears over the use of fireworks in Metro Detroit ahead of the holiday weekend.

DETROIT – Dry weather conditions have sparked fears over the use of fireworks in Metro Detroit ahead of the holiday weekend.

As we get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, local fire departments are worried about fireworks and the fires they could start, especially this year with the dry conditions we’ve seen all across the region.

“When they come in for shells, they want to light the sky up and make noise (Fireworks seen in the video player above), this is the one that gets boom the biggest,” said Chris Moore of Team Leader Fireworks.

From the Hercules all the way down to sparklers, some are planning a momentous July Fourth holiday weekend.

“This is one of the holidays that’s about family, picnics, and everybody usually doing this thing together jointly,” Moore said.

But as the old saying goes, what comes up must come down; in some cases, fireworks can lead to dangerous fires.

“We don’t want it to land on the roof, the shingle, the gutter,” said Detroit Fire Department Chief James Harris. “Those are flammable, and that can start a home fire.”

The Detroit Fire Department reminds families that fireworks should be lit at least 25 feet from their homes.

“Before you light or purchase a firework, you should have your plan already set,” Harris said.

Harris says dry lawns can also pose a serious risk.

“Keep a bucket around with water in it or a water hose around and make sure you extinguish these fireworks when you’re finished using them,” Harris said.

Also, remember to only light one firework at a time. Never throw fireworks in your hands or pick up or re-ignite a firework that fails to light.

The folks over at Team Leader Fireworks on West McNichols say you should always read the instructions, and only adults should set off fireworks.

“Safety is number one, as far as the rules and hours, the state of Michigan has listed them on their website,” Moore said. “You can’t be blowing up fireworks at 2 a.m.”

Officials say 11:45 p.m. is the hard cutoff when lightning up fireworks.

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