🔒 Insider Debates: Sanders vs Stroh’s

Which would you pick to satisfy your sweet craving?

Photo by Irene Kredenets on Unsplash (Unsplash)

There’s nothin’ like grabbing a sweet treat in the sweet summertime. And when you’re in Metro Detroit, the options are, quite literally, endless.

But amid all of the trendy shops with unique snacks and flavor pairings are the lasting, memorable classics woven thoroughly into the hearts of Metro Detroiters, their brands aging like fine wine ... except it isn’t wine. It’s chocolate. It’s ice cream. Sometimes, it’s both.

We’re talking about the Sanders Chocolate & Ice Cream Shoppes and Stroh’s Ice Cream Parlours, of course. Both businesses have deep roots in Detroit, serving their beloved confections and frozen delights decade after decade.

And though both Sanders and Stroh’s are well loved in the community, and decidedly different from one another, we’re pitting them against each other for our latest debate.

We’re calling on WDIV Insiders to make a decision: Say you have a craving for something sweet -- if you had to choose one or the other, would you stop at Sanders or Stroh’s?

Let us know in the poll below! We’ll share the final results next week.

Introducing Insider Debates!

There are a lot of us here in the Local 4 newsroom, and you can bet we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything. Whether it’s about food, pop culture or destinations, our newsroom debates can get pretty heated (usually just in jest ... usually).

So, we’ve decided to launch a new series that allows our most loyal viewers to offer their input and help us settle these debates once and for all.

We can’t promise that everyone in the newsroom will accept the majority opinion, but here’s hoping this series can bring us all some peace and closure.

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