Boil water advisory lifted for Novi after testing shows no bacteria present

Notice issued Monday for several Oakland County communities amid power issues at water facilities

NOVI, Mich. – A boil water advisory was canceled for the city of Novi Thursday morning after testing revealed there is no bacteria present in the water system.

The city of Novi announced that a boil water notice has been lifted for residents and businesses as of 10:45 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 1. The advisory was issued at the beginning of the week due to a loss of pressure amid temporary power outages at Great Lakes Water Authority facilities.

Power was reportedly affected at three GLWA pump stations on Monday, as strong storms and winds passed through the region. Boil water notices are often issued under such circumstances, as a loss in water pressure can lead to bacterial contamination.

The city of Walled Lake and Commerce Township were also under the same boil water advisory, but their notices were lifted Wednesday afternoon.

No water contamination was detected, but the advisories were issued as a precaution. Officials said the water system covering the area would be flushed.

When a boil water advisory is lifted, customers are encouraged to take certain steps to flush out their pipes and clear their hot water tanks. Here are steps water customers should take, as written by the GLWA:


  • Unscrew and remove the faucet aerator (screen).
  • Turn on each cold water faucet/tap slowly
  • Turn on each cold water faucet/tap slowly.
  • Clean and reinstall aerator.
  • Flush automatic ice makers. Ice cubes made during the Boil Water Advisory should be emptied and the ice maker run through a 24-hour cycle. Make three batches of ice and discard them. The water line should be clear, and ice should be safe to consume with the fourth batch.

Clear hot water tanks/heaters

  • Run hot water only at all faucets and flush until water runs cool or typically a minimum of
  • 15 minutes for a typical household 40-gallon hot water tank.
  • 30 minutes for a hot water tank greater than 40 gallons.

Replace filters

  • Water filters, such as ones used in refrigerators, faucets, pitchers and under the sink, are not designed to remove the specific bacteria potentially present during a Boil Water Advisory. If you ran water through your filter during the Boil Water Advisory, the filter should be replaced.
  • Remove and discard water filters.
  • Replace with a new filter following flushing.

Checklist for residents

Checklist for businesses

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