14 cider mills to check out in Southeast Michigan

Weather is getting cooler, so warm yourself up with a cup of cider

Some apple orchards and cider mills in Michigan have already opened for the season (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice and apple flavors.

Michigan has over 34,000 acres of apple trees throughout the state. In fact, apple crops have set a record high in 2022. According to the state, this season has produced 1.2 billion pounds of apples.

With apples comes delicious apple cider, and there are several cider mills and orchards in the Mitten that have been around for more than 100 years.

Here are 14 cider mills where you can get your cider and doughnut fix in Southeast Michigan.

  • Apple Charlie’s Orchards
  • Detroit Farm & Cider
  • Franklin Cider Mill
  • Goodison Cider Mill
  • Grainger Orchard and Cider Mill
  • Hy’s Cider Mill
  • Long Family Orchard, Farm & Cider Mill
  • Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill
  • Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill
  • Spicer Orchards Farm Market, Cider Mill, Fudge, Bakery
  • Westview Orchards & Winery
  • Wiard’s Orchards
  • Yates Cider Mill
After Labor Day, some of us are more than ready for falling temperatures and fall traditions like apple picking and drinking cider. Apples are big business in Michigan, but this year, we're seeing one of those good news, bad news situations.

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