Sanford residents band together to clean up destroyed main street

Mid-Michigan homes, roads destroyed by massive flooding after dam failures

SANFORD, Mich. – Every business along the main street in Sanford has been damaged by the flood.

A new energy can be found Friday on Saginaw Road as residents help clean and fix their community.

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“All I could think of was that it looked like a war zone,” said Pam Riggie, with Sanford Pizza.

Not only is Sanford Pizza destroyed, photos inside of Riggie’s late father were also washed away.

“I had a collage of him by the register -- that’s where I lived -- gone," Riggie said. "My son came in and he found his ashes. He salvaged that for me.”

Massive flood waters slammed into the mid-Michigan village when a dam up-river failed Tuesday.

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Every business was hit hard. Sanford Pizza’s pizza off was tossed through the back wall.

“Never in a million years would I think this would happen,” Riggie said.

The customers who came for pick-up to help the business stay afloat during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders returned Friday to help clean up.

“It is the same way with other businesses," Riggie said. “It is the community that pulls together.”


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