‘2020 has been one blow after another’ -- Midland Farmers Market hit by flood day before reopening

BEAVERTON, Mich. – Entire blocks have been devastated by flooding in mid-Michigan.

Homes, businesses, bridges and more destroyed by flooding after two dam failures.

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The green roof of Midland Farmer’s Market is the only part that’s visible from under eight to 10 feet of water.

Emily Lyons is the manager at the market. They experienced damage from the 2017 floods and have struggled due to COVID-19.

The market was supposed to reopen Wednesday.

“2020 has been one blow after another," Mark Hatzner said. "We just want to get going.”

Mark and Kathy Hatzner are one of the 80 vendors that would have been at the market, making money for the first time in months.

“I’m thinking about the people and their houses," Kathy Hatzner said. "Their homes are destroyed.”

The long term damage- - both physically and fiscally -- can’t be known yet, but Lyon knows they’ll rebuild again.

“It just might take a little longer,” Lyons said.

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