Vice President Pence to campaign in Waterford Thursday

Republican vice presidential candidate to host rally at flight school

Vice President Pence to campaign in Waterford Thursday
Vice President Pence to campaign in Waterford Thursday

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to hold a “Make America Great Again” rally in Michigan on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Pence will deliver remarks at 12:30 p.m. at Barnstormers Flight School in Waterford Township on Thursday, according to the reelection campaign for Republican President Donald Trump.

The news comes as former Second Lady Jill Biden campaigns in the state Tuesday on behalf of her husband, Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

With Election Day only 14 days away, and voting already underway by mail and early in-person voting, campaigns for both Trump and Biden have been prioritizing stops in Michigan -- a battleground state in the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden most recently visited Michigan on Friday, delivering remarks in Southfield and attending a voter mobilization event in Detroit. Trump last campaigned in Michigan on Saturday, delivering remarks that have since caused some controversy.

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, will face off against Biden in this year’s final presidential debate on Thursday, Oct. 22.

The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday that the second and final debate between the two candidates will have each nominee muted while the other delivers his two-minute remarks at the outset of each of the six debate topics. The remainder of each 15-minute block will be open discussion, without any muting, the commission said.

The move is meant to prevent a repeat of the inaugural debate three weeks ago when the two candidates, but mostly Trump, interrupted each other repeatedly.

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