Metro Detroit weather forecast: Rainfall deficit gets worse across SE Michigan

Metro Detroit weather forecast July 30, 2020

DETROIT – Our rainfall deficit is getting worse across southeast Michigan, but the weekend opportunities to get wet are looking better. And temperatures actually will cool during the first week of August.

More Pre-Drought

The new Drought Monitor came out today from the federal government. The good news is areas that are in a moderate drought didn’t get any worse.

The bad news is all other locations, except an eastside arc from downriver to the north side of Lake St. Clair, are now in pre-drought. Overall, that’s not really a bombshell for most folks. We know it’s dry.

Eyeing Rain

We’ll stay dry through the start of the weekend. Then rain chances will arrive by late Saturday evening. We should have decent shots at rain through the day on Sunday and possibly on Monday. But it’s a complicated interaction between a southerly Low and a cold front from the northwest.

We’re fairly confident that the higher rainfall totals will be in the South Zone and up the east side. But timing out when and how much is still an issue. Here’s some bonus good news: some models are suggesting we may keep rain chances around into Tuesday as well! This probably won’t bust the drought, but it’s a promising dent in it.

Comfortable Finish

July wraps up tomorrow. And after a top ten finish for heat, we’ll be relatively comfortable through the first part of August. High temperatures will stay in the low-to-mid 80s through the weekend. Plus, humidity will remain on the low end of noticeable, except for a spike toward muggy on Sunday.

Believe it or not, we could actually have more than one day next week with highs below 80! Check it out in the 10 Day Forecast.

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