Cloud cover sticks around with chilly temperatures in Metro Detroit

More rain, snow moves back into the region by the end of next week

4Warn Weather – After a soggy end of the week, with rain showers and plenty of cloud cover, we are keeping a chance of a light wintry mix of rain and snow showers into the forecast through the early morning hours on Saturday.

Overnight Friday into early Saturday morning, we are watching an upper-level disturbance roll through the region that has brought a few light rain and/or snow lake effect showers to portions of Southeastern Michigan. As this continues to pull off to the east, we will see moisture across the region, but we will keep the cloud cover into the forecast as we head throughout the day. By Saturday afternoon, high temperatures are heading for near average and the middle 30s.

High pressure is going to control the forecast for most of us as we head through the end of the weekend on Sunday, but we are watching an area of low pressure that will move through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys through Sunday and into early next week on Monday.

As this low-pressure system continues to stay off to our south and east, the majority of the moisture should stay south of Southeastern Michigan into Ohio, Indiana, and other portions of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys. We will keep a close eye on it, but with the moisture close by, we will keep the cloud cover in the forecast as we head through the end of the weekend on Sunday. High temperatures remain in the middle 30s for Sunday afternoon.

Looking ahead to the first half of next week, we will bring some sunshine in the forecast as we head into our Monday. High pressure, again, will continue to control the forecast. High temperatures were also a few degrees warmer as we headed to the lower 40s by Monday afternoon.

We will keep the cloud cover in the forecast as we work throughout Tuesday and Wednesday. High temperatures still remain a few degrees above average, heading into the lower 40s by Tuesday and dropping back into the middle 30s by Wednesday afternoon.

Our next system rolls into the region and moves for Thursday and Friday. An area of low pressure will develop over the Midwestern United States and move into the Ohio valley as we head into the end of next week.

Expect rain showers overspread the region as we work throughout our Thursday and then also continue into our Friday. And then, once colder air moves into the area, that rain will turn over to a rain, snow mix, and then the snow showers as we had through Friday night and into the first half of next weekend.

Too early to tell if there will be any snow accumulation on the backside of the system, it all depends on the air temperatures and how fast the moisture moves out of the region as that low-pressure system works off to the east. High temperatures remain in the low to mid-30s on Thursday and into the end of next week on Friday.

About the Author:

Bryan joined the WDIV 4Warn Weather Team in May 2022 as a meteorologist, and is also an experienced middle & high school teacher.