Family dog taken from Ypsilanti home’s yard, brutally killed

YSPILANTI, Mich. – The Humane Society of Huron Valley is investigating an extreme case of animal cruelty in which an Ypsilanti dog died after enduring significant trauma.

Original Story: Humane Society of Huron Valley seeks tips on mutilated dog found in Ypsilanti

A neighbor found Tyson’s brutally beaten body Monday on Ecorse Road, less than three miles from where he lived.

A postmortem veterinary examination revealed Tyson had three large, deep lacerations in his body, a skull fracture and what may have been a bullet wound. The lovable family dog was taken from his home, leaving his family heartbroken and desperate for answers.

“He was a big part of family,” Tanzania Wyatt-Cummings said. “Not just a dog. Tyson was my son.”

Tyson had gone missing in mid-March. They left him secure in his dog house in the backyard with his collar fastened to a chain. When they went to feed him, they made the heartbreaking discovery.

They said Tyson’s collar was unfastened and hidden in the doghouse. They immediately started searching the neighborhood for Tyson.

“I said ‘I’m getting a bad feeling about this. He’s never been missing that long,’” Wyatt-Cummings recalled.

Tyson’s parents had also belonged to the family.

“For years, I would just always walk to my room,” said Williams Maxwell. “‘What’s up, buddy?’ and he’d run up to the door, tap it, and start running around in circles.”

A neighbor called the family four days after he had went missing. She said she found Tyson’s body near the intersection of Ecorse Road and Michigan Avenue.

“My dog had a slash across his neck, a slash on his head, a slash across his back and a bullet hole to the head,” Wyatt-Cummings said.

The pain of losing Tyson at the hands of someone so cruel has left the family devastated.

“I just want the community to help solve the mystery,” Wyatt-Cummings said. “I just want justice. I want somebody to help.”

The family has put up flyers around the neighborhood in hopes someone may have seen something.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Humane Society of Huron Valley at 734-661-3560.

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