3 sets of twins named valedictorians at different Metro Detroit high schools

Twins recognized as valedictorians at Eisenhower, Brother Rice, Port Huron Northern high schools

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – It’s an honor to be named valedictorian, so just imagine what it would feel like to share that honor with your twin.

Well, that might not be as rare as you think. Over the weekend, Local 4 did a story about twin sisters who were named valedictorians in Shelby Township.

The next day, we received an email about another set of twin sister valedictorians. Then, we got another email about twin brother valedictorians.

Madison and Samantha Sacra are athletes, AP scholars and valedictorians at Eisenhower High School in Shelby Township. They said there’s something about having a twin that helps a person dig deep.

That theme of competition is echoed by Eamon and Liam Mott, who were recognized as valedictorians at Brother Rice High School.

Anusha and Annika Tekumulla are also twin valedictorians, at Port Huron Northern High SChool.

The next challenge for all six students is college.

At the end of the summer, Madison and Samantha will take their sibling rivalry in different directions. One is attending Central Michigan University and the other is heading to Western Michigan University.

Liam is off to Notre Dame, while Eamon heads to West Point.

Anika and Anusha are both heading to Ann Arbor.

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