Warren neighbors help WWII veteran get COVID vaccine

‘He doesn’t have a cellphone, he’s old-school like me,’

WARREN, Mich. – When we get older, we’d all be extremely luck to have neighbors like Bob and Debbie Geib.

The Warren-based couple look after their 94-year-old neighbor, Eddie Peischl. They knew he didn’t have a computer or a cell phone to get signed up to get a vaccine, so they got to work to help their neighbor.

“No computer,” Bob Geib said. “Just a land line.”

You would think a 94-year-old World War II veteran would be at the top of the vaccine list, but he’s not. Luckily, he has good neighbors looking out for him.

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Peischl was drafted to fight in October 1944. He was 18 years old.

“It was my duty,” Peischl recalled. “Everyone else had to go. I had to go too. It was my duty to go.”

The Geibs signed Peischl up for his first email address and together, they began working all the options to get him his vaccine -- before they had their names called for a shot.

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