Help Me Hank Toys for Tots: How to donate today at Somerset and why the need is so great

Toys for Tots (WDIV)

When I was a kid, Santa lived at Oakland Mall. I literally thought he lived above Macy’s and came down in December to hear what I wanted for Christmas.

My mom would get me all set for the yearly picture with Santa and listen as I rattled through an endless list of toys I wanted that particular year. Did I mention it was endless? I knew when I woke up Christmas morning, many (not all) of those toys would be there. I was fortunate. However, my mom always made a point of showing me how fortunate I was.

We would go to a local toy store in Southfield and she would ask me to pick out toys for children who may not have one on Christmas. It wasn’t a lot (we were middle class) but my mom made a point of setting some of the budget aside to help others.

As I got older, I learned those toys we bought would be donated to Toys for Tots. Every year, you may see the Marines and the boxes asking for donations. I always make sure to get some toys in that box. I’m thankful my mom taught me to be charitable and I think in some ways I do it to honor her memory. I surely miss her around the holidays.

This year, I received an email from a Toys for Tots coordinator Downriver. She told me the need this year was expected to be greater than ever. EVER. I’ve been doing stories for three years now on how the pandemic and inflation are affecting everyone.

People can’t afford lettuce -- how will they afford to buy toys for other children? It broke my heart. I wanted to call my mom and say “get to the toy store Roz, they need your help.”

While I can’t call my mom, I know I can call of my loyal Local 4 family and you -- our always generous viewers. Listen, I know times are tough economically but if you have some money to spare a toy donation would certainly help to make the holiday bright for a young child and help relieve some stress from mom and dad.

I hope you’ll stop by Wednesday Nov 16, drop a toy and get a gift back! Somerset will hand the first 200 people a $10 gift card for your generosity!

Here is the info:

Help Me Hank Toys for Tots:

  • When: Wednesday, Nov 16th, 2022
  • Where: Somerset North Parking Lot
  • What time: 6 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
  • new unwrapped toys accepted

Can’t make it to the event? Find other ways to donate here.

About the Author:

Hank Winchester is Local 4's Consumer Investigative Reporter and the head of WDIV's "Help Me Hank" Consumer Unit. He works to solve consumer complaints, reveal important recalls and track down thieves who have ripped off metro Detroiters.