Macomb County's C.J. Barrymore's will have you feeling like a kid again!

This article is sponsored by C.J. Barrymore's.

It doesn't matter how old you are, C.J. Barrymore's will bring out the kid in you! The 25-acre park is packed with family fun from classic amusement park rides like a roller coaster, to go-karts, mini-golf, and more!  While it started off as a driving range, over the years C.J. Barrymore's has focused on family entertainment and they plan to keep on expanding.

New this year are four more rides including a Ferris Wheel, a spinning coaster (meant for ages 6 and up), and two new thrill rides. And Michelle Oliver and Kila Peeples tried them all!

The Drop Tower is considered by most to be the scariest of the two. It raises you up in the air, giving you a beautiful view of the park as creepy music plays, and then you suddenly drop back down to the ground. The Saddle Sling is another fun ride for those who are brave. You are strapped into a saddle back-to-back with another person and are shot straight up in the air before you flip and come tumbling down. 

All four rides (plus every other ride except for the arcade and the batting cages) are included in their all-new wrist band deal. The wristband costs $42 and allows you to ride all the included rides, as many times as you want, all day long. This can save you some money since most rides cost between $7 - 9 per ride. 

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