This restaurant has the fuel you’ll crave to keep your body moving

You can enjoy a plant-based menu along with yoga or cycling sessions

Takeout Tuesday: The Fuel on Live in the D

October is world vegetarian month and today’s Takeout Tuesday if for all the vegetable lovers, and those who don’t know they are quite yet.

This restaurant in Brighton is all about helping you live a healthy lifestyle starting with raw vegetables.

Live In The D’s Michelle Oliver spoke with Ted McMullen, owner of The Fuel, about some of their unique plant-based offerings that keep your body healthy on the go.

McMullen featured sweet potato toast, vegan cinnamon rolls, and a few raw juices. The sweet potato toast is his most unique menu item and is the only food that’s cooked in the restaurant. He also commented on how the juices are made from all fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. The main question on everyone’s mind was how can the cinnamon rolls be healthy? McMullen said he always loved cinnamon rolls as a child and he decided to make the special treat a bit healthier so you can indulge even more. It is made out of a dehydrated, ripe banana with date sauce and cashew icing.

The Fuel is not just about healthy food but they are also about creating a healthy body. McMullen also opened “The Space” and “The Ride” as ways for people to continue their healthy journey with yoga and cycling classes.

Watch the video to learn more.

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