Cake design studio bakes up unique creations

Have you seen a cake that looks like a burger or pizza?

A Southfield bakery is creating cakes that look like works of art. Cake Crumbs offers celebration cakes, along with cupcakes, cookies, and even party-themed baking classes.

Renea Smith, the owner of Cake Crumbs, says what inspires her most is the freedom to be really creative, to use vibrant colors, flavors, and seasonal ingredients. Renea says her inspiration comes from multiple generations, including her grandmother being in the kitchen and her parents owning a cake business out of their home.

Renea said it can take four to six hours to make wedding cakes, while she can make several hundred cupcakes within a couple of hours. She said the more sculptured, artful pieces like cake burgers or cake pizzas take more time and craft.

Cake Crumbs also hosts baking class parties for kids and for adults. The variety of classes includes baking cakes, cake decorating, cupcakes, and macarons where you get to take your own creations home.

Cake Crumbs is located at 28569 Northwestern Hwy. in Southfield. Watch the video above to see some of the colorful creations from Cake Crumbs.

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