Fight at Allen Park City Council meeting turned dirty Tuesday night

Resident uses disparaging remark against Allen Park City Council member who fired back


ALLEN PARK, Mich. – The financial problems in Allen Park sparked a heated exchange at the City Council meeting Tuesday night between Councilman Angelo DaGulio and a resident.

The unnamed resident approached the podium and began telling the Council about his disapproval of the financial situation in the city and how it was being handled.

He then addressed councilman DaGulio specifically, and their exchange was caught on an audio recording.

Here is a transcript of the recording:

Resident: Also, "Mr. DaGoofio," if you want to take a nap, take a nap at home, please.

Councilman DaGulio: Watch your mouth (inaudible) sitting up here, talking to me like that. You're a piece of manure.

Resident: I apologize.

Councilman DaGulio: I'll handle it.

Governor Snyder's review team has said there is no satisfactory plan in place to resolve the financial crisis in Allen Park which means an Emergency Financial Manager is likely.

The review also calls Allen Park City Council "manifestly dysfunctional."

"One of the council members probably did not behave in a professional manner," said David Boom with Allen Park Community Development. "He actually left the meeting a little early before it was finished."

The final decision on an emergency manager is not yet a done deal, as the state continues the review process.