Michigan police replacing 'drunk driver ride to jail playlist' with 'better' Monopoly game

'It's like original Monopoly but... better'


A Michigan police department is switching up their routine for taking drunk drivers to jail.

Bath Township's police department, one of the best Facebook police pages ever, posted Wednesday that they'd be replacing their "drunk driver ride to jail playlist" with a new game.

"As some of you may know, we have a "drunk driver ride to jail playlist" that we like to jam out to on the 20 minute ride to the jail. The individuals that we arrest for drunk driving are usually not big fans of the tunes we choose.

You know, Barbie Girl, Village People, Justin Bieber, the macarena ... just awful music. It makes the experience that much more miserable.

Someone recently informed us that this was cruel and unusual punishment. So, we have decided to take a softer approach and play a fun little game with the intoxicated drivers we come across. It's like original Monopoly but... better."

"#godirectlytojail #donotpassgoandalsoloseyourlicense #theyrollfirstthenthegameisover"

Here's the board they'll be using:

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