Police work to contain large weekend crowds that lead to trouble in Greektown

Large crowds cause unruly behavior in Greektown

DETROIT – A wild scene played out in Greektown last weekend as a man was shocked with a police Taser and a woman was arrested after taking a swing at officers, according to authorities.

People who work in Greektown said the large weekend crowds often become unruly and out of control.

Sunn Anderson is a Detroit artist who has been painting in Greektown for 20 years. Right now, he said he sees big crowds enjoying the Downtown and Greektown areas.

"I am very aware of the crowds," Anderson said.

It's a positive that people are enjoying the city, but some members of the crowds have gotten into trouble.

Detroit police used a Taser on a man who was walking away from them, then struggled to control a woman who swung at police.

Both incidents came after three people were shot in Greektown weeks ago.

"Usually it is someone who comes down here with a beef," Anderson said. "As far as tourists, they are very safe, I feel."

Officers working in Greektown said they saturate the area to keep people safe.

Anderson said he hopes that paints a safe picture for everyone around.

"One bad apple and everything goes wrong," Anderson said.

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