People living near Detroit Stellantis plant fed up with constant truck traffic

‘Is it worth it?’

People living near Detroit Stellantis plant fed up with constant truck traffic

DETROIT – Chrysler’s new plant on Detroit’s east side was a massive boost to the city’s economy, but neighbors living near it said it’s a nightmare.

Residents claim loud trucks rumble through the Pingree Park neighborhood at all hours of the day and night. They want something to be done about it.

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Terry Burks is a professional truck driver. He said semi trucks do not belong in his east side neighborhood.

“I am ready to be so extreme. I am ready to shut the whole street down,” Burks said. “Disregarding our home, this is where we live. They don’t respect that.”

Residents of Pingree Park, around East Forest and Burns avenues, are upset over the constant semi truck traffic. Non-stop semi trucks driving through the area is perfectly legal, but neighbors said they can’t sleep and it’s time to put in rules and new routes.

“We need to have truck routes to make Detroit a better place to live, not production schedules,” said Mac Farr.

Neighbors said they’re also concerned about semi trucks making turns from Warren Avenue to Van Dyke.

“Every time, they’re gambling with someone’s life,” Burks said. “That turn from Van Dyke and Warren? Someone is going to get killed on that street.”

A member of the Detroit City Council wants a city-wide semi truck traffic study.

State Sen. Stephanie Chang said the problem will likely get worse unless something is done.

Stellantis said they are working with the city to alleviate issues and have removed the semi truck routes through the neighborhood. The full statement can be read below.

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