Parking agreement expected after limited options plague Berkley eatery for years

Vinsetta Garage will build parking lots

BERKLEY, Mich. – Limited parking has been an issue for Berkley’s Vinsetta Garage for more than seven years.

Customers have been forced to valet their cars or try to find street parking near the popular restaurant.

Vinsetta Garage’s owners bought neighboring property to build parking lots. A lawsuit was filed against the city when it refused to rezone the area for parking.

Now, there seems to be an agreement to expand parking.

The restaurant will be able to knock down four homes it owns to build two parking lots. Restaurant owners will need to build two new houses and must have a wall separating the houses from the lots.

“It’s not perfect. I think anyone would say that. That’s the thing with a settlement -- both sides have to give up a bit, but given the array of options we had in front of us this is the best of the options,” said city manager Matt Baumgarten.

The Berkley City Council will vote on the proposed agreement Monday evening.

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