‘I’m gonna kill you’: Video shows Waterford man’s tirade in back of police car after wild Tesla test drive

Jordan Szeliga threatens to kill officer

TROY, Mich. – A Waterford man went on an expletive-filled tirade that included threatening to kill a police officer and the officer’s family after he was arrested for driving 130 mph.

Watch the video from inside the patrol car below.

Jordan Szeliga, 28, was taken into custody Jan. 8 after he drove 130 mph in a 2019 Tesla S he said he was test driving.

Jordan Szeliga
Jordan Szeliga

What happened

Police said Szeliga was speeding on southbound I-75, east of Adams Road around 4:45 p.m.

While Troy police officers were trying to find the car, they were told the driver was doing donuts in the parking lot of a building at 755 W. Big Beaver Road. Officers caught up with the vehicle and stopped it on southbound Lakeview Drive, south of W. Big Beaver Road.

Police said Szeliga couldn’t give officers a license when they asked for one, and he refused to get out of the car. Police said he tried to close the door and laid down over the passenger seat when his hands folded.

Officers were finally able to get Szeliga into handcuffs and out of the vehicle.

Man threatens to kill officer

While Szeliga was being taken to jail, he repeatedly told the officer driving that he was going to sue him to make him lose his badge. He also threatened to kill the officer and his family.

A camera inside the patrol car captured the threats.

“I’m going to kill you, do you understand that? I’m gonna come to your house and I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna kill you,” Szeliga said.

Szeliga also insults the officer multiple time and calls the police who arrested him corrupt.

Officers said when Szeliga got to the lockup facility, he also threatened to burn down the police department.

Multiple charges issued

Szeliga is charged with reckless driving, no operator’s license on person, and two counts of hinder and obstruction of a police officer.

His bond was set at $10,000.

Records show Szeliga has previous felony convictions for assaults against police officers and malicious destruction of police property.

Read what Szeliga said and watch the video below:

Szeliga: I’m gonna get outta jail in like an hour and then I’m gonna just do exactly what I was doing. And I’m gonna get your badge while I’m at it, you piece of (expletive).

Officer: *Inaudible*

Szeliga: Yeah, (expletive) you, dude. What’s your name? What’s your name?

Officer: Officer Daniels.

Szeliga: Yeah, you’re (expletive). You’re gonna get sued and you’re gonna lose your badge. Good luck, good luck. I’ve got millions of dollars. Good luck! I have lawyers for days. You’re (expletive). Your (expletive) is gonna get creamed. Do you understand stand or are you just laughing because you think I’m joking?

Officer: Who’s laughing?

Szeliga: Who’s laughing, right? Who’s (expletive) laughing? Who’s laughing now, (expletive)? Who’s laughing now? I am, you (expletive). You’re all (expletive), bro.

*Szeliga looks out back window*

Szeliga: Oh look, we’ve got a posse behind us. (Expletive). You guys are so corrupt, bro, so corrupt, man. So corrupt.


Szeliga: I’m going to kill you, do you understand that? I’m gonna come to your house and I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna kill you. So, you better be on guard, you (expletive). You better be on guard cause I’m coming after you. And your family!

*officer turns music on*

Szeliga: Are you scared now? Are you scared? You should be! Cause you (expletive). You (expletive) with the wrong person. Yeah, ya did. It’s funny, right? It’s funny, isn’t it? Yeah, it is. You’re not gonna be laughing soon cause your (expletive) is gonna be getting (expletive). You use lube often or what? Are you already gay? Yeah you probably are. You were touching me like you’re a (expletive). Aren’t ya? You’re gay, aren’t ya?

*Szeliga laughing*

Szeliga: Is that why you’re mad at life, cause God made you gay? God made you Gay so you wanna hate me cause I get (expletive) all day, right?

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