Detroit police: Serial robber poses as woman on dating apps to lure victims

26-year-old man shot, robbed in one incident

DETROIT – Detroit Police said a serial robber is posing as a woman on the dating app Tinder and on Snapchat to lure his victims.

“I don’t want nothing like that happening around here in this neighborhood,” Alexander Cheatom said.

Alexander Cheatom said not in his neighborhood. That’s how strongly he feels about crime, especially armed robberies happening just feet away from his home.

“I got kids and grandkids and other people got kids around here,” Cheatom said.

Police are investigating at least four armed robberies in the area of West Wyoming, Lodge Freeway, Stopel and Eaton.

“Between the time period from Dec. 19 of last year until Feb. 17 of this year. We had four reported incidents of men being robbed,” said Commander Nick Kyriacou.

Kyriacou said the man is portraying to be a woman on social media apps Tinder and Snapchat, using a woman’s profile.

“The female alias that he’s used repeatedly is either Mya or Kamiya. We’re not sure where he might have got the picture of this woman,” he said.

Kyriacou said the suspect is convincing other men to meet fake woman, for a date or sex and then robbing them with a gun.

“One instance the victim was robbed of cash and valuables right there. The three other instances, the perpetrator actually forced these three other victims to go to an ATM and withdraw cash.”

Meanwhile neighbors living nearby said they’re going to be on the lookout.

Police said the suspect could be doing this on other dating apps as well. If you’re a victim, call police.

Police released the following information about the robberies:

  • Dec. 19, 2010 at Eaton and Monica a 19-year-old man was robbed.
  • On Jan. 11 in the 14900 block of Green Lawn a 22-year-old man was robbed.
  • On Jan. 12 a 26-year-old man was robbed and shot.
  • On Feb. 2 in the 14900 block of Green Lawn a 28-year-old man was robbed.
  • on Feb. 17 in the 14900 block of Green Lawn a 24-year-old man was robbed.

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