Protesters put Detroit leaders on public tribunal amid George Floyd marches

Protesters are questioning city officials' initial response to Downtown Detroit protests amid fourth week of demonstrations

DETROIT – A public tribunal was held Saturday by on day 23 of protesting against police brutality.

Protesters said they’re planning to question Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit Police Chief James Craig about the police brutality they said they’ve experienced.

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The trial started at about 6 p.m. Protesters listened to testimonies and witnesses who discussed their experiences with police during the protests.

Organizers told Local 4 that they want to question how things unfolded during the first few days of protests in Detroit, when police were more heavily involved and hundreds of protesters were arrested and tear-gassed.

Chief Craig has often repeated that his officers only used tear gas and riot gear after they were provoked by protesters. Police say some demonstrators threw bricks and rail road spikes at officers when protests first began weeks ago.

Detroit protests have remained peaceful for weeks.

Craig and Duggan did not participate in Saturday’s tribunal.

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