Brother of Hakim Littleton speaks out, wants meeting with Detroit city officials

8 people arrested in Friday protest

The brother of Hakim Littleton said he wants to meet with Detroit mayor Mike Duggan and police chief James Craig.

DETROIT – Local 4 has already heard from the mother of Hakim Littleton.

Now we’re hearing from a man who identifies himself as Littleton’s brother who says he’s not stopping until there’s been just justice for his sibling who he called his hero.

Hakim Littleton’s older brother, Rashad Littleton-Schaefer, spoke out against what he calls a crime before a group of protesters organized by Detroit Will Breathe.

“I want justice,” said Rashad.

Even despite the video evidence, Rashad is refusing to believe how the incident played out. Video from police body cams show Hakim open fire on officers before they fatally shot him. Many protesters by his brother’s side took to the to streets to voice their opinions on major roadways like Livernois Avenue and Outer Drive, along with several residential streets as well.

“I want Chief James Craig to stop lying because he’s not making any sense. He said to the cop, good job. And that’s not a good job in the city of Detroit,” said Rashad.

“We know for a fact that had we not been out here that video would not have been released the same day,” said protest organizer, Tristan Taylor of Detroit Will Breathe.

Police chief James Craig spoke on the matter Saturday morning where it was stated that he still stands behind his officers and their decision to pull the trigger.

“Clearly when you look at this video. The officer responded appropriately. It certainly was a threat to that of his own life and that of his partners,” said Chief James Craig.

But Rashad specifically has a demand for both the police department and that he wants taken seriously.

“I really wanna meet with James Craig, the mayor of Detroit by next week. If they don’t give me, I’m going to city council meeting myself and standing right there until I get a meeting from him,” concluded Rashad.

Protests in response to a the shooting resulted in the arrests of eight people Friday.

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