Detroit police launch investigation into officer’s use of chokehold on protester

Chokeholds are against DPD guidelines on force

DETROIT – Police announced Sunday they have launched an investigation into the use of a choke hold on a protester.

The investigation was in response of a photo of Detroit Will Breathe organizer Nakia Wallace being restrained with a chokehold Friday.

The Detroit Police Department’s guidelines on force prohibits chokeholds of any kind.

Wallace was one of eight people arrested during Friday’s protest.

“I was pushed back. I held my ground and I continued to scream. Three officers took me to the ground and after I was already on the ground one, of them put me in a choke hold,” Wallace recalled. “Why am I telling this story? Not for personal sympathy because this is the treatment we get when our communities come out and we demand accountability.”

Detroit Will Breathe gathered Sunday to call for the release of another protester. William “Meeko” Williams was arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer. The organization will hold a protest Monday outside the Detroit Detention Center to continue to call for his release.

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