Family frustrated with drivers hitting property on Detroit’s west side

Family concerned for their safety

DETROIT – A Detroit family is desperate for help after they say drivers continue to come dangerously close to their home.

The family lives off the Addison Street exit from I-94 on Detroit’s west side. For Duillermina Hernandez and her family, the chains on a gate are the final line of defense in what they said feels like a never-ending nightmare.

“It’s very dangerous because the cars never stop. We don’t know what to do,” Hernandez said.

For the 15 years they’ve lived in the home, cars have flown off the interstate and the mother and her children are afraid.

“They never stop they hit the house and drive, all the time,” Hernandez said. “I have babies at home. I have a grandson and I’m not able to open the gate. We have to come through the back of the house all the time.”

A family friend, Jorge Flores, has been working to help get a guardrail in place.

“She has kids here and she has to keep the fence under lock and chain so that they don’t forget, come out and get hit one day,” Flores said.

He said MDOT has done their part to make the area safer, but the rest of the work relies on the city. City officials aid they’ll be sending out an engineer to see what can be done.

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